‘Lockdown’ Is South Africa’s Word of the Year for 2020 – Global Citizen

Residents watch as police and National Defense Forces search for a business they thought was illegally open in Johannesburg on March 30, 2020. South Africa went into a nationwide lockdown for 21 days in an effort to control the spread of the coronavirus.
Jerome Delay/AP

Why Global Citizens Should Care

South Africa’s COVID-19 mandated lockdown has resulted in the country’s economic decline and the loss of millions of jobs. It has also resulted in rising poverty across the nation. The UN’s Global Goal 1 calls for the end of extreme poverty and this goal cannot be achieved while millions of South Africans are without employment and are experiencing a lack of income because of the pandemic. Join us in tackling this issue and take action here

Up against “COVID-19” and “Jerusalema”, the word “Lockdown” has come out on top as South Africa’s word of the year for 2020. 

The Pan South African Language Board (PanSALB) announced in a statement that the word has been used across the country a total 486,224 times this year. This is unusually high, even when it comes to words of the year. In comparison, last year’s top word, “Zondo Commission” was only used about 30,000 times. 

The word of the year is described as a word, term, or an expression that reflects the passing year in the form of language. 

PanSALB tracked the use of