Adventures In False Bay, South Africa, Near Cape Town: Location Of ‘My Octopus Teacher’ – Forbes

One of the critical hits of the fall Netflix season is “My Octopus Teacher,” a moving documentary about a filmmaker/free-diver and the common octopus he follows daily for about a year. The intelligent, affectionate mollusk changes his life, and we are treated to spectacular under- and above-water footage — and a profound life experience.

False Bay

Filming took place in the frigid waters of False Bay in the Atlantic, near Cape Town, between the Cape Peninsula and the mountains in the extreme south-west of South Africa. The mouth of the bay faces south, with Cape Point to the west and Cape Hangklip to the east.

False Bay is known for diverse marine life: besides octopuses, spectacular fish and jellyfish, crabs, brittle stars and pyjama sharks, all living in the lush, kelp forest.